Telewellness unites experts+bloggers in first COVID-safety crowdsystem

Likes mean lives: sharing of proven COVID technologies means to help your followers. Sharing First crowdrating of COVID technologies, is the most rewarding thing in your life!

If you aspire to be a $ millionaire, thing about you as a time billionaire (if you’re young), and use the strategies below to transform your time in $ by transforming as many lives as you can. Join Telewellness platform to save lives and get the most valuable asset: the trust of followers.

Life-saving information.

The information that vitamin D prevents from developing severe COVID disease is really life-saving one! But one need to consume it a lot, because of acute defciency of Vitmin D in the diet of 96% of people. Sardines and sun are not enought, you have to push you and your relatives to take supplements, dayly, to stay healthy!

This dietary COVID-prevention technology is in short list of COVID techologies rating produced by Trustnet Scientific panel sponsored by Telewellness UK. The double validation of this TOP of technologies includes Scientific Panel validation first, and bloggers voting later.

In new norm, #COVIDprevention will be the biggest market. For years, since WHO said that COVID is with us forever!

Telewelnness invites you to share benefits from healthcare disrupted by #digital and COVID. Digital health tech cost-effectiveness is 70–90 times higher than offline healthcare! So, you really could become millionaire if participate in scaling digital health platform!

By voting for COVID Rating, you’d become eligible to participate in the distribution of the most in-demand preventative solutions.

The prticipation in Telewellness Health-Wealth program is as follow. You have to:

  • learn COVID technologies
  • share with your followers, in easy, video-first form,
  • continue to methodically build your brand of COVID expert, brick by brick.

Remenber, 99% is unable to process the flow of complex data on COVID. Bloggers are wanted to deliver simple tips on how to prevent the disease, daily. This way, blogger will become an expert for his followers.

To be a trustful expert on $10 Trillion market means you’d be a channel for distribution of digital health and other innovative technologies!

In order to participate in this fastest-growing eco-system, think of five levels of the platform:

1. Healthclub member — learning/sharing COVID preventative technologies

2. Expert — mastering the community by sharing knowledge

3. Regional Partner— teaching participants from previous levels

4. Ambassador — changing the lives of millions and operating at scale

How to start your inclusion to the Sharing Health Economy.

Be like Martha Stewart. She popularized beautifully photographed cookbooks and manuals for living well. Stewart worked with Time on the Martha Stewart Living magazine. She also began appearing on the television program “Martha Stewart Living,” and on major television networks during this time outside of her own show, growing her renown as America’s first influencer.

Or be like

Kylie Jenner: $Billionaire thanks to

1 billion TikTok views. So, sharing video about technologies from COVID Rating could give you as much $ as likes in social media!

According to the rules of Lifetime Award by Telewellness,

“…registered user have to share videos from with hashtag #Lifetimeaward and #Telewellness, twise, to be eligible for participating in the program”.

COVID technologies rating.

We also have new digital health technologies that can enable more efficient, larger, and more definitive clinical trials

The economic recovery will depend on how well healthcare, community, and governments will adopt the new COVID-19 mitigation products to curb the spread of the pandemic to minimize new surges so that the economy will recover. The products and services of this new market will fight the pandemic and minimize the impact of a catastrophic economic downturn.

The #Trustnet team is led by experts and executives of the medical industry and bio-security experts.

Telewellness Ltd is general sponsor of COVID Rating, to be produced during Lifetime Award for COVID. In the Rating, there are included new technologies

o COVID-19 digital testing

o Medical Eye Protection

o COVID-19 Therapeutic Drugs

o PPE Sterilization: Systems & Consumables

o Other COVID-19 Pharma Industry Products

o Hand & Surface Sanitizers

o PCR Instrumentation & Software

o Decontamination

o Robotic PCR Systems & Software

o Other Personal Protection Gear

o PCR Reagents & Consumables

o AI, Big Data & Deep Learning

o Nose & Mouth Swabs

o Homecare IT

o Self-collection PCR Test Kits

o Geo-Surveillance Systems & Services



Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”

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Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”