Sharing is new normal: vesting for contributors to essential COVID platform

Billions of people concentrated on it; cost-effective COVID solutions and hundreds of millions $ will be shared with the most active part of them.

In 2019, Edward Musinski predicted this crisis and the acceleration of AI/digital health mass adoption. All predictions are now a reality!

1.Now, AI-driven health companies are in the center of investors’ interest, because of the enormous volume and inefficiency of healthcare

2.Aging of population.

3. Hidden unemployment rates growth.

Who will solve the main problems of the world will become a trillionaire. There is an open offer.

Telewellness Ltd, the company Edward created after meeting global top experts and such visionary investors, as Bill Tai (Zoom, Twitter) and Andrew Forrest (#1 Australian billionaire who increased his wealth 50% this year thanks to his UN SDG commitment), at WEF, is driven by the Mission of Sharing benefits from Ai revolutions. Huge benefits to be shared: for instance, AI-driven COVID test by voice is 100 times less costly than PCR one!

Driven by AI/ ML, digital health is like telephone in 1920: on the verge of mass adoption. It is 100 times more cost-effective than personal visit!

Edward Musinski, Bill Tai, WEF 2020

If you look at the COVID protection market, you’d see Biden victory is to make this market the biggest one: consider new lockdowns (in Germany, restrictions for 5 months were announced today!) and the necessity to do business in new normal. Thus, combined spendings (companies, states, population) will reach $4 Trillions in 20 months of pandemic.

#Telewellness #Trustnet expert panel creates first RATING of COVID solutions,
a lot of impact investors and influencers interested in supporting this global demand aggregation platform. Contributors will get 20% of the revenues, along with users of this demand aggregation platform

Below, the P&L projection shows the distribution of revenues:

Thus, with $560 mln.for vloggers, Telewellness distribution network has the capacity to reach billions of people and make $ revenues. With such a value proposition: COVID insurance coverage 50 times as a paid premium.

The profit will be reinvested in the partners doing distribution of the rated COVID solutions on the fastest-growing market, COVID protection. In order to create one million of jobs in 3 years, to prevent next pandemic

The tender offer: 40% share in Telewellness will be vested to a smart investor, committed to contributing to #LifetimeAward program of producing COVID Rating and distribution network fast building.

Proof of demand.

  1. The biggest S&P 500 spike in 2020 was on Pfizer vaccine announcement.
  2. Videos by our COVID influencers got up to 55 mln,views. The core of the Trustnet blockchain-based AI-driven economy will be mainly based on the redistribution of health value of tens of millions of users, aggregated by influencers

Edward Musinski: “No matter your mistakes seem to be failures, are just interruptions in the journey to where you need to be. You need not fear them or any other obstacle in your life. You are, however, encouraged to learn and grow.’

Edward Musinski lost his father. He want to prevent others from this sad experience.



Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”

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Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”