Best Emerging Tech, Strong AI and 4th law of AI to be discussed in Davos

On the day of 50th Davos meeting opening, there will be presented Rating of Em-Tech. Strong AI is #1 technology

The future Strong AI: war for supremacy or convergent data mining benefits sharing?

Because the New Technologies Revolution is whipping through our lives, we need an expert and society consensus on what to focus on.

Pentagon invested $95.3 billion this year on future warfare tech R&D such as AI. China is following this trend of weaponizing AI.

I doubt mankind needs Terminators to solve economic problems that caused trade wars and inequality. Technologies could produce abundance for all.

Sharing benefits from technologic progress.

Cooperation is more productive than confrontation.

The profits from new technologies for the last 50 years are tremendous. Consider, what if you spent your time contributing to these Digital Revolution benefits that WIRED founder Louis Rossetto has covered:

1. The biological revolution curing, improving, and extending life.

2. The energy revolution is making the good life possible for more people.

3. The blockchain allows capping the monopolies by reclaiming our data.

4. Space. The sci-fi future is happening with each SpaceX launch.

5. Augmented intelligence. Not “artificial,” but how Doug Engelbart envisioned our relationship with computers: AI doesn’t replace humans. It offers idiot-­savant assistants that enable us to become the best humans we can be.

Sharing is winning.

Through crowdsourcing, we begin to see programs that unite human capacities to recognize patterns or solve problems, to improve human productivity and expand access to information, a process known as intelligence augmentation (IA). To discover the edges of the full potential of IA to, as D.Engelbart put it, “raise our collective IQ” and create “high-performance organizations.”

Consider the power of Scientific blockchain panel collecting expectations of both experts and investors, on the most prospective technologies. First Scientific panel of this kind was designed by Edward Musinski for Longevity Impact forum.

It is based on Engelbart’s vision for improving collective IQ involves raising awareness about challenges and then conquering them using a highly networked, collaborative approach to working, living and sharing information.

The secret of mass adoption of new technology.
The idea becomes a power when it takes possession of the mass. An example was given by Steve Jobs and on the B2B market by the founders of SoftBank and Salesforce.

Salesforce began with small City Tours around the US. Their purpose was to create awareness and sign up more customers to use their product. These City Tours were originally held in four and five star hotels and restaurants across the country.

Now, consider the Davos stage, where top global thought leaders are gathering.

Top technology rating, produced by reputable experts, will concentrate all the attention of the guests of the Davos forum, and therefore, the whole world. We have this lever that Greta Thunberg has so successfully used, to turn the research of Strong Artificial Intelligence towards good.

Greta THunberg in Davos.

4th law of AI.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Biased Against Women and minorities?

Why deep learning is less accurate when distinguishing between individual women and people of color?’s founder, Arran Stewart explores one of AI’s biggest faults — its problem with diversity — and what can be done, especially by him and people like him to fix the issue.

AI’s race and gender biases are a result of who has the power in the backroom. Over 70% of all computer programmers are white males and despite our best attempts at neutrality, we were raised in a society that inherently devalues women and people of color.

I invite top Em-Tech experts to join us in Davos, to vote for Em-Tech rating and a new rule in addition to 3 laws of AI by Issak Asimov:

  • Robot has to consider the principle of non-discrimination by race, gender or physical deficiencies.

The details about Emerging TEchnologies rating

As Arran Stewart told:

The balance of power in the field is too greatly shifted in one direction for us to simply wait for someone else to make the change — we need to work on eliminating the barriers altogether. Not just for the women and POC we know personally and tell us their stories, but so that we — the privileged — can be better ourselves. Isn’t that why we became technologists in the first place — to make the world a better place?



Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”

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Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”