2 global trends and mega-market #1: how to be the winner of 2021

In 2019, Edward Musinski predicted crisis 2020 and the acceleration of AI/digital health mass adoption. Now, the fastest-growing market is…

Telewellness AI-shield: biosafaty for all



Who will solve the main problems of the world, in a fair authentic way, will become a trillionaire. A collective trillionaire: fairness means sharing.

Old companies can’t be the beneficiaries of the COVID market. The trust is crucial but people don’t trust profir-driven companies. Purpose of sharing shows how organizations that know why they exist and who they are built to serve are better positioned to navigate this crisis.

#Telewellness has gathered digital biosafety toolkit and is driven by the Mission of Sharing benefits from Ai revolutions. Huge benefits to be shared: for instance, AI-driven COVID test by voice is 100 times less costly than PCR one!

Remote deal-making and digital health are 50 — 100 times more cost-effective than personal meetings. This is why sharing of distributions rights for the Rating of COVID solutions is one of the most profitable business: sharing model can help growing faster than old companies.

Key to dominance in the fastest-growing markets: trust. Most of the people don’t trust governments and big pharma.

The message from Delloitte report is clear: Efficiency may be paramount to survival, but at a time when people are demanding more from businesses, marketing post COVID-19 is about creating an authentic human connection.


The main global trends Telewellness is based on.

  1. AI-driven health companies are in the center of both patients (6 Bln.people feel like potential patients) and investors’ interest, because of the enormous volume and inefficiency of healthcare AI is solving. Just one fact: despite of pandemic. less people died in 2020 than in 2019. That is thank to less hospitalizations from tradional illnesses. That fact confirms another one: medical faulths are causing more deaths than any pandemic!
  2. Remote work. Telewellness is the platform for telework in wellness ares, where there was a little remote work. In health things, emotional inclusion if half of success! Telewellness is a distributed inclusive platform using social media as the channel of distribution.

While IT companies developed simple technical tools for remote work, they lost the emotional part! You need to invest in other people feelings and take time to build relationships for your best shot at happiness.

So, both trends are related to trust. When you can’t trust conventional medicine and to companies with no inclusive mechanismes, whom to trust?

The answer is:

Telewellness AI-doctor/ biosafety shield.

It is designed as a convergent AI and remote monitoring system, using Neuroscience (think Neurolink) interface for connection with your doctor.

Consider this: Publications on Neurosciences constitute 16% of overall science publications! We are to integrate human and ML system, using neurointerface.

For example: Brain-Inspired Hardware for Artificial Intelligence: Accelerated Learning in a Physical-Model Spiking Neural Network


In order to start implementing the “Third Wave of AI” — learning unsupervised, instantaneously and interactively, we have to create ​​“AI ethics” to facilitate reflection on the responsible management of AI, just as “bioethics” facilitated reflection on the responsible management of medicine.

Startups Bluescape, Eloops, Figma, Slab, and Tandem have all provided visual collaboration platforms enabling teams to create and share content, interact, track projects, train employees.

Telehealth visits have surged by 50 percent compared with pre-pandemic levels. IHS Technology predicted that 70 million Americans would use telehealth by 2020. Since then, Forrester Research predicted the number of U.S. virtual care visits will reach almost a billion early in 2021.

Teladoc Health, Amwell, Livongo Health, One Medical, and Humana are some of the public companies offering telehealth services to meet the current needs.

Startups are not far behind. Startups like MDLive, MeMD, iCliniq, K Health, 98point6, Sense.ly, and Eden Health have also contributed toward meeting the growing needs in 2020, and will continue offering creative solutions in 2021. Beyond telehealth, in 2021 we can expect to see health care advancements in biotech and A.I., as well as machine learning opportunities (example: Suki AI) to support diagnosis




Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”

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Our COVID expert platform introduces a new metric of appreciation: “How many lives does one person potentially save, by spreading validated COVID information”